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A little about Liz…

I am a happily married mother of two great kids (Alex 13 and Oliver 12). By day I am a guidance counsellor at a southern Ontario secondary school. I do a lot of things to make my children’s lives’ memorable (I hope). Many ideas I find on–line, Google is my friend and I have recently discovered Pinterest…love it!  I realized that I only took from the web, but never gave back, so that is my purpose. I hope that you might find some of my thoughts and ideas interesting.  If you have a comment, please leave it, as I would love to hear your ideas too!

For some insight, here are some other names I considered:

Fcubed  – Food, Friends and Fun

iTweak – I often tweak the ideas others put on-line

MusingsbyLiz- sounded too philosophical

HappyLiz- made me sound too simple, not in a good way!

Lizshare  – not sure why that one didn’t make it, maybe taken?