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My stack of Blurb books!

Anyone who knows me, knows I like pictures. My walls are filled with them. I like to scrapbook them and I like to make photo books. For me, the memories are important to record.  My first photobook was made through my Macbook and iphoto. It was okay.  Then, I saw what my brother-in-law creates with his photos and Blurb. Hands down a better product. Surprisingly, a little less expensive too. I have since made many Blurb books. One every year to record our family adventures for the year.

I have also used photo books as a thank you family or as a gift at Christmas. Apple makes some different size books than Blurb. That must be what possessed me to try an Apple book, when I was pleased with Blurb’s quality and customer service! So, I complete two ‘thank you’ books, softcover, about $18 each. Shipping is $8.99. Steep, but fine.  The irritating part is that they can’t put them in the same envelope to send them, so I need to pay the shipping twice! Crazy!  50% shipping, twice!

The wheels start to turn. I remember at Christmas I got this great saving email for Picaboo calendars. They are the same, you must pay the steep shipping on each. I redid and ordered locally instead!  Crazy! By the way Blurb does not yet do calendars, I have requested they consider it though! Apple is the same.

So, with Blurb last year I had this same problem, as they added a new product of a planner. So, I contacted them and explained that I had spent quite a bit of time on the planner as a Christmas present and was frustrated I could not add it to my order (it was made in a different factory). The lovely customer service person gave me a code for free shipping and an apology.

Hmmm, I call Apple, they just say this is what it costs. Their reasoning, ‘I don’t know that is what the company charges us’. I ask for a code and she says they do not have them. I mention the place on the order to enter it and she said it was for problems. I think this is a problem. She does not agree. So, I then had to decide, do I redo the books or suck it up and pay the extra $8.99.  I redid the books and wrote this blog.

Moral of the story, Blurb is the  king of the photobooks. Their software is free and better than iphoto at making books, as you have far better editing power. The books are nicer and  the customer service is far superior. They actually make the books, not outsource them. The company is smart enough to actually put more than one book in the same box!

Start making your Blurb book today! In fact, they have a current promotion (download the software and you will receive their promotions too!).

Blurb is excited to announce the launch of our Refer a Friend programme. Refer your friends and they’ll receive 25% savings on their very first Blurb book (this offer is for Blurb newbies), and in turn, you’ll receive a $15 CAD Blurb voucher for each friend that places their first order.

My email is liz.moruzi@bell.net. Or, if you have a friend that already makes Blurb books, give their email!

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