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Praying Mantis Attack

My husband John and I were sitting on our friends, Jack and Jen’s, deck one evening a couple of weeks ago and a bug hit my arm, I brushed it away without thinking. Didn’t another one land on my other arm, I looked down and there was a HUGE bug…probably about 6 inches. It startled me, I may have even let out a girly noise. I recovered quite quickly, brushing it off the deck. We all moved the railing to look on the grass. To our surprise, it was a praying mantis. I have grown up in Ontario and have never seen one. In fact, I thought they were a more southern bug.

Posing for a picture!

So, I took a plate off the table and (bravely) went down to the grass to catch it…I thought the kids should see it and us adults were also pretty darn curious!  I scooped him up to show the kids, big and small. Jen went and found a bug catcher to store him in for further viewing.  He was very cool!  John decided he would be a great subject for some pictures so we took him home.

Washing his face!

Google helped us figure out he was a male praying mantis (wings longer than the torso) and we saw some pretty cool pictures of them eating bugs. We were also reminded of his fate after mating. His partner will eat him. Yummy!  He very kindly hung out on a stick for us in the morning so we could take some pictures, then he flew away, probably to find a mate. Poor guy!


He kept calking his head like he was checking us out instead of the other way around!

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