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White Trash???

I feel the Header Picture needs an explanation.  Snack food for iShare?? Picking pictures is very difficult. It was difficult picking categories too!  iShare is somewhat of a catchall. I will share anything here that does not fit elsewhere. It also includes an ‘iGive’. While doing a Covey workshop for work, we needed to come up with a personal philosophy. I liked the common ’Live, Laugh, Love’, but for me it also needs a Learn, Give added to the end; Live, Laugh, Love, Learn, Give.  This explains the White Trash, which is the picture at the top.

At Christmas I love to give. I also like to make the effort to make something personal for people. The kids give a little something to their guide/scout  leaders or coaches for their various activities. Family members and teachers also get some goodies. I give to the secretarial staff and my colleagues I work closely with and some to friends.  Oliver’s favourite is White Trash.  I have to give credit to a childhood friend, Dianne Pearson Magee. She showed a picture with a title ‘White Trash’ on her Facebook page, I was intrigued so I Googled it. Many recipes will appear!  We make our own version:

popcorn, pretzels, white chocolate, candy, cereal all mixed together for a gift.


White Trash

1 box Golden Grahams Cereal

1 half box Rice Chex (I get from States)

1 bag pretzels (at Christmas Food Basics or Sam’s Club has Christmas Shaped ones)

2 bags microwave popcorn (make sure there are no kernels)

I bag chocolate something (M & M’s or PC Fudge bits- in picture)

I bag Skor bits (I omit for Oliver)

2 bags white chocolate chips

2 tablespoons, shortening, lard or vegetable oil

The ingredients can be adjusted to individual tastes, for instance, nuts can be added or different cereal used.

  • Mix dry ingredients (except for chocolate)  in a very large bowl. I use my roasting pan.
  • Melt chocolate and shortening in double boiler or slowly in microwave, stirring often.
  • Pour chocolate on dry ingredients, mixing well to coat, add chocolate before it sets!
  • Let cool, then break apart. Keep in sealed bags.
  • Eat, share and then make another batch!!!

In my experience, doing this brings a little bit of happiness to a whole lot of people.  I like that!

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