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An Afternoon in Paris…

Ontario that is!  We decided that we should take a ride down the Grand River. It is in our backyard, but we have never taken the time to enjoy it. It all started at the Food For Thought Fundraising Breakfast. Their silent auction had a self-guided tour down the Grand from Grand Experiences for six.  I won!

Well, our family has four, who else should we take? Opportunity knocks and my brother-in-law and family are in the area visiting, so we added another canoe and we were off.  Sounded nice, a 2.5-3 hour paddle down the Grand from Glen Morris to Paris. Four kids, four adults, three canoes and a tandem kayak. Five minutes in, 2 kids turned around, stuck. Change the configurations.

My hubby and son.

My daughter, happy not to be steering!

My niece had the best deal, lounging in the kayak with her feet hanging out while her dad does the paddling, no sore arms for her!

Paddle, paddle, paddle…this is harder work than I remember, a Great Blue Heron, paddle, paddle, ducks, paddle, snack, paddle, my arms are going to be sore tomorrow, paddle, paddle, over some rocks, small rapids, paddle, paddle, stuck in the rocks, splash, over our canoe goes!  Glad the camera was in a dry sack!  Anyway, it took about 3 hours, arms will be sore

More travels, further from home, coming soon!

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