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The Elusive Two-Headed Deer

Just back from spending a week in Algonquin Park with my husband’s whole family. Two parents celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary with their 4 boys with their spouses and 8 kids ranging in age from 6 to 13 years. I am sure Killarney Lodge is still recovering!

The Elusive Two-Headed Deer

We arose early one morning to take a short cut to the end of a long trail(Mizzy Lake Trail) that is suppose to be one of the better trails to see moose, according to the guy at the Visitor Center.

Evidence, moose have been here!

The ‘it’s very early in the morning, I haven’t eaten breakfast and there are no moose’ face.

No such luck. We did however see a pheasant, many toads and the Elusive Two-Headed Deer.  Also saw a bear crossing the road on the way back to the lodge. More from Algonquin in a later post…


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