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Discovery Cove

My daughter’s WOW activity in Orlando was swimming with dolphins.  What a treat!

So exciting! Alex and her dolphin!

All seven of us spent the day at Discovery Cove, which is affiliated with Seaworld. I know that a lot of folks are ‘anti-dolphins in captivity’, but I do believe for young people to fully appreciate the magnificance of wildlife, they need to see it. I have to admit there are days that I feel guilty for keeping my dog on a leash, when he would rather be free too!  My dog, Henry, like many of the older dolphins at Discovery Cove would not survive in the wild. They have a 50 year old dolphin with almost no teeth. Remarkable.  I do believe that all facilities with dolphins do not treat their animals the same. From everything we witnessed, Discovery Cove was a top-notch facility. The staff seemed to genuinely care for these animals.  Dolphins really like people too. My mother opted not to swim, as wild dolphins had interacted with her on a beach and terrified her! We learned about the dolphins during our half-hour scheduled swim. We each had a short swim and interaction time with a dolphin. The message we heard over and over at Seaworld was conservation for the world we live in. Not a bad message!

Happy, happy, happy!

Our day at Discovery Cove was a perfect. The Orlando weather decided not to have afternoon storms. There was a large snorkelling pool, that had huge manta rays that brushed up against you while swimming by, not to mention many tropical fish. It was very cool, the kids loved it.

Two thumbs up from the boy!

There was a bird aviary that provided food for you to feed  tropical birds.

A new friend!

There were monkeys and sea otters and a staff member carrying around random animals. The armadillo was particularly fascinating.

We all go to hold him! This picture makes me think of a Bakugon (those of you with young boys!)

All breakfast, lunch and all snack and beverages were included. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic slushies, and they checked that we were 21 every time(on our passes around our neck, no ID to carry)!   We spent a wonderful day there and would recommend it to everyone. The prices were steep, but if you plan to spend further days at Seaworld and Aquatica (waterpark), it is not so expensive, as it includes admission there too! Definitely a WOW day for us all!

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